In general the site follows the rules and guidelines for a wiki. Some more specific ones for this site in particular are listed below.

1. Cite the original text or other secondary source/s you're using when referring to a particular part of it in the content. In other words, give credit where due.

2. No content may be made that degrades or harasses another group or individual.

3. Innapropriate content with "swear words" are not permitted explicitly.

5. Lewd, obscene, and/or sexually explicit content (including audio, images, and video) should not be placed anywhere on this site.

6. Try to keep as unbiased and objective as possible with the content you put on this site.

7. When you are a question/s and/or placing other content on this site, all of the first 6 rules apply to them.

8. No deleting, or changing, any question/s or other content without the approval of the site administrator. The only exception is if it's your content - i.e., you're the one who originally created it and placed it on this site. Failure to follow any of these guidelines will lead to the deletion of the content in question, and possible suspension from the site.

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