Below is list of categories that all games or software on this site are monitored by for content. Note that any game or software receiving a score of five out of five will not be allowed on the site.


0/5 - No references/depictions
1/5 - Mild references/depictions
3/5 - Moderate references/depictions
5/5 - Severe references/depictions
  • If a game or software scores this high in any of the categories it is taken down from the site.

A description of why a game or software received the score that it did in a particular category will be included with the content rating. Click on any of the categories below to find out what games or software have received a content rating for that particular area.


This category includes references or actual usage of alcoholic beverages either virtually by the user or by characters portrayed.


This category includes situations depicting animated blood. This includes any blood that is referenced or depicted in situations


This category includes usage and display of words that might be considered offensive. This includes profanity or derogatory language.

Sexual Content

This category includes images, sounds, video, or any kind of display/reference of anything relating to sexuality. This includes indecent exposure or sexual acts.


This category includes depictions or references to violence. This includes allusions or depictions of a weapon such as fists, guns, or knives.

Any questions on this, or suggested improvements, can be submitted here.

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